Pet Portrait Gallery

I undertake pet portrait, animal and wildlife commissions in graphite and coloured pencil.

The result is a bespoke purchase or gift for a loved one which will last a lifetime.

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Jack Russel Pencil pet portrait.jpg

Sheba - February 2019, March 2019

Sheba’s owners initially booked a photoshoot session and graphite pencil portrait. Her portrait on the left was commissioned first and captures her ‘sweet little expressive face'.


Sheba’s owners were so pleased with the first portrait, they commissioned a second portrait of Sheba (on the right). The pose chosen is perfectly unique, captured during the photoshoot, and not your typical pet portrait pose. Sheba’s owners left some very kind feedback:

‘Thank you so much for the lovely drawings of our little Jack Russell Sheba. It is so amazing how you have managed to capture her personality and sweet nature, we couldn’t be more pleased.’

Two 5x7 inch portraits in graphite pencils

Flint Final Image LQ.jpg

Flint - January 2019

Flint’s owner was the lucky winner of a Facebook competition to win a completely free graphite pencil pet portrait! The handsome Flint was a very deserving winner and I really enjoyed drawing his portrait. 🐾

5x7 inches in graphite pencils


Marcy - January 2019

Marcy’s portrait was commissioned by her owner to display in their home. She is such a cute dog to draw, I enjoyed drawing the texture of her hair and little face.

8x6 inches in graphite pencils

Fluffy little dog pet portrait dog.jpg

Pet Photoshoot Little Dog

Scampi - December 2018

The adorable Scampi had his portrait commissioned by his owner as a gift for his wife. It was a great surprise Christmas present and she was very pleased.

5x7 inches in graphite pencils

Dog Graphite Pencil Drawing


Nutmeg - December 2018

Nutmeg’s portrait was commissioned as a Christmas present for her owner. As it was a secret commission, I drew the portrait using from multiple reference photos to create the final pose.

I loved drawing little Nutmeg and I’ve heard her portrait was well received. 🐾

5x7 inches in graphite pencils

Poppy - December 2018

Poppy the cockapoo puppy was commissioned as a framed portrait to be a Christmas present for her owners. When delivering the portrait, I was fortunate enough to meet little Poppy for the first time - she is such a lively ball of fun! 🐾

I received a lovely message on Boxing Day saying the owners are delighted with the picture and that Poppy was very well behaved on her first Christmas Day.

6x6 inches in graphite and coloured pencils - framed size 9x9 inches (this portrait was commissioned as a mounted and framed portrait)

Poppy Facebook.jpg


Winnie & Bea - December 2018

Winnie the spaniel and Bea the staff were both Christmas commissions. I met their owners at Chepstow Market, along with Winnie. Bea has crossed the rainbow bridge and the dogs’ owners look at the portraits as a reminder of Bea, next to the portrait of Winnie. 💫

2 x 5x7 inches in graphite pencils

Teddy and Endeavour - November 2018

Teddy and Endeavour Portrait Web.jpg

I was lucky enough to meet and photograph Teddy the Spaniel and Endeavour the Nova Scotia Retriever at their pet photoshoot before I drew their portrait. This enabled me to understand the character of the dogs as well as capture some fantastic reference photos for their portrait. I really enjoyed photographing and drawing Teddy and Endeavour with the different features, poses and textures of hair on both dogs.

Teddy and Endeavour’s owners were so pleased with the portrait and sent the photo below of the boys posing with their work of art. 💕

11x14 inches in coloured pencils

Teddy and Endeavour.jpg

If you are interested in booking a pet photoshoot like Teddy and Endeavour’s owners, please get in touch.

Graphite Pencil Horse Portrait.jpg

‘Jays Master Copy’ - October 2018

I loved drawing this portrait of ‘Copy’, the horse of a lifetime. He introduced me to western riding and this portrait was my way of thanking him. 🐴

‘Copy’ has now crossed the rainbow bridge and this portrait is a beautiful way for everyone to remember him. 🌈

8x10 Equine Portrait in graphite pencils

Zara 3 Facebook.jpg

Zara - October 2018

I really enjoyed drawing this portrait of the lovely Zara, whose portrait was kept secret for a while and gifted as a present. 💫

5x7 inches in graphite pencils

Marmie & Jazz - September 2018

These two cats, Marmie (above) and Jazz (below) were commissioned as a pair for a birthday present. I loved drawing both their portraits and I am looking forward to seeing them framed in the future.

5x7 Portraits in graphite pencils

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 10.30.10.png

Emmerson and Bryson W-M (1 of 1).jpg

Bryson & Emmerson - August/September 2018

The two bulldogs, Bryson and Emmerson were commissioned as a birthday present for a lady in the U.S.A. Originally the portrait was going to be posted but a surprise visit from the recipient and her husband meant the portrait was able to be gifted in person. They were both over the moon at such a unique present and said Emmerson’s podgy tummy was captured perfectly!

If you are interested in a mounted and framed portrait like this one, please enquire upon booking.

6x6 inches in graphite pencils - framed size 9x9 inches (this portrait was commissioned as a mounted and framed portrait)

Kipper .jpg

Kipper - July 2018

Kipper the golden retriever is a deserving portrait subject after all his ups and downs as a puppy, I loved drawing this picture to capture his wise eyes and personality.

8x10 Portrait in graphite pencils

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 09.01.32.png

Luna - July 2018

Luna the whippet is owned by a good friend of mine and gets on well with my pet labradoodle. She was a suiting fit for a pet portrait and I enjoyed drawing her. 

5x7 Portrait in graphite pencils

Lottie - April 2018

This portrait of Lottie, the cocker spaniel, was gifted as a birthday present to a good friend of mine and was the first picture I drew for a couple of years. I realised how much I missed drawing and alongside the good feedback, it prompted me to set up ESWerrett Art, so Lottie is the reason behind the business!

5x7 Portrait in graphite pencils

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